Your lips.

Your lips.

An awesome day out with the bitches. I already start missing u all. Thing that I think a lot after the outing is.. To see things clearer n make solid decision. I’m sick of the repeating wolf coming stories also.

An awesome day out with the bitches. I already start missing u all. Thing that I think a lot after the outing is.. To see things clearer n make solid decision. I’m sick of the repeating wolf coming stories also.

Smile 

Smile 

Sometimes there are more cons than pros about dating. The burden tat u carry.

Yeah having tumblr in my phone now! No pic so I put this super random 1 lol!!

Yeah having tumblr in my phone now! No pic so I put this super random 1 lol!!

hmm just some updates =)

so far i’ve assigned to an engagement in Port Klang from next week onwards. kinda excited and like what my manager, Pauline, says

Let’s pray for a smooth peak.

there’s really a lot to learn! today when i got to see my associate, one whom i directly report to, Nirmala, i got so nervous! i felt so stupid and dumb at the same time. cuz i had no clue at all on what’s i’m supposed to do.

But then, just bear in mind the objectives that you want to achieve in everything and anything you do, then u’ll learn. =)

Today i did some VERY basic and simple tasks: separating the copies of bank confirmations and put them in the envelop for despatch.

HAHAHAHA super simple right? primary school students also can do; but i doubt they understand why we need to do that. =p and next week i’ll be thrown to hell and who knows i might need to stay overnight at the office?

super gan jiong cuz my another senior, her name is Lai Ting, has thrown me with a pdf file explaining the testing of double entries using EY software. OMG, without example ok? the EY system is so rigorous that you would need to be very familiar with each steps. and Nirmala told me even now she’s learning on the system. wtf

i’ll die man… please help me! i want to learn and i hope this job is fulfilling and rewarding!! yeap.. when i say rewarding i mean good pay k? haha

i think that’s it lah.. nothing much also cuz didnt do anything serious today. for confidentiality purpose i won’t reveal what companies i’ll be assigned to. =p yeah! bank account open and 3 more weeks i’ll be getting my first pay! hooray!

and you know what, i’ll miss those girls whom i’ve been with for the past few days! Adilah, she’s so pretty and tall and i felt sorry cuz i spread my flu virus to her. haha and also Jacqueline, Carmen, Michelle.. i think i’ll be seeing YC quite often as i’ll be in the same service line as hers.. hope to get to work with her also  lah! hehe

just took medicine and my flu still hasn’t fully recovered yet. it’s still so sticky and got sputum summore. keep on coughing only.. so sien. and my laptop can’t connect to home WIFI despite i’d asked the IT personnel so many times how we should be connected but they’re like so unfriendly and don’t want to give you a damn. Hello you guys are hired to serve/support US ok? sigh guess i’ll need to get someone over to help me resolve this issue.

Time to sleep lo. sleepy… oh ya i forgot to mention that today we did some EY software demonstration and yesterday it was the cash audit, review of statutory records and financial statements. i was quite blur though.. hopefully can master these basic stuff asap! i don’t want my manager to feel that i perform less better than others for the fact that i didnt take up audit paper last semester.

Last but not least, let’s pray for my exam results. MUST PASS BOTH PAPERS!!!!

First Day of Working

well, just a quick recap of what happened today!

i reached the office opensite parking lot rougly at 8 in the morning and when i stepped to the lobby then only i found that there’re really a lot of them who came for their first day of working, just like me! some of them dressed in a weird way, i would say, not appropriate business attire, for eg, putting a gold chain belt..that’s weird! it’s sparkling GOLD k? haha

then when i got up to the 24th floor, the main reception area, talked to some girls and finally i saw Yee Chien. Arhh at first i was thinking it’s not good to have some peers whom you’ve known to work with in the same firm, but now i change my mind already. it’s great to have yc as company. =) we hang out together, basically all the time together today.

and yeah, i’ve got my LAPTOP! it’s using i5 intel processor summore! haha Lenovo laptop! and today basically we were briefed about the security, benefits entitlement, etc, and damn, it’s quite boring especially towards the end of the day. haha

and i felt so outdated when the IT guy gave us a remote access, which shows a different combination of 6 digits every 6 seconds, for us to connect to the Wifi of EY. wow, that’s really advanced lo! haha sorry that i do not have picture for you as my lousy phone doesnt have a cable which makes taking photo meaningless. guess it’s time to get a BB, for me to look more professional!

oh ya, on the first day itself i already received a mail from my direct Manager, Pauline, and she asked which day i’ll be free as she’d like me to involve in the audit work right immediately! oops, i must be honest that this is kinda excited!

oh ya, did i tell you i am assigned to the TCE division, which is the Telecommunication field. awww i was actually wondering if i could get Real Estate, as i personally thought that i’ve got some knowledge attacted (lol bibi is working in construction field ma). but then, as both yc and i are given TCE, i was thinking if we’d get the chance to count iphone during stocktake. hahahaha that’s not very exciting thou. i want to count sport cars like what my senior did. LOL

ya.. just briefing and briefing today. nothing much. and tmr we’re heading to the Tropicana Golf and Country Club for a 2 day audit orientation! hope i have fun there! and then… syh hao’s bday celebration! but wait a minute….. i do not have present for him wo! but i guess my presence is the best thing for him liao! haha thou i did not study with him together during SM3, but i got to know him through some common friends and it’s great! and guess what, i rmb one of the silliest thing that i’ve ever done in my life was… i confessed that i kinda like him when i got drunk during their class trip! wtf… but then, at that time he was kinda attached to a girl so he did not respond to me.. (but i think he did la… rejected me) hahaa funny!

ok, time for bed! i just got up and couldnt sleep just now! aiks, what for fighting with bibi? made me so down just now! but glad now everything’s ok!

see ya people!


so cute! and it’s only RM62.. i want…………!

this too!

and this for office! ahhhhhhhhhh

i want i want i want them alllllllllllllllll!


No.. the hair.. can you hide them? i don’t wanna see them….ewwww

and this ..hmmm semi-transparent long-sleeve shirt.. ewww i so not wanna my bf to put them on.. and the singlet inside is so ugly.. so lala…..

this one also.. the NIPPLE.. please la.. very WAI lo……..

OMG… this is the first men online blog i visited and it gives me such a bad impression.. oh no..


CoCo Chanel

yes, the old woman in the above picture is the late Gabrielle BonheurCoco" Chanel.


oops! i just watched a movie about the early life of the founder of Chanel! it was very nice to know how she began her career and who would ever imagine that she was once a mistress of a wealthy man?

anyway, the whole movie was spoken in French. haha so i gotta read the subtitles lo. can’t really move my eyes from the screen though. ahhhhhh when can i get myself this Chanel classic handbag?

lovely! i bought my mom one replica 1 before. Surely no ‘double C’ at the front la. otherwise it would be tooooooooo fake. hahaaaa